"Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning."  (Psalm 30)

A few days ago I found myself entering an emergency room for the first time in almost 20 years, sick to the point of thinking it may have been my last night and to make things worse I was 8 hours away from my family.  And just like so many other times over the years, my wife ask you to pray, because we knew nothing else to do.  And that is what you did, you prayed. 

And because of that I wanted to thank you, specifically for praying for us during this trying time.  I just heard from my doctor that all six of my biopsies from areas including the colon and intestines came back with evidence of parasites that have apparently accumulated and taken up residence over the last several years.  I am undergoing treatments that will last one month to rid myself of these unwanted visitors.  But the good news is that by this time tomorrow, on Valentine's Day evening after a few week's absence, I will be home with those I love the most, my wife and four kids.     

I would like to personally ask you to continue praying for me, that the pain would subside, my strength would return and so that this setback will in no way inhibit the work God has called us to do in the jungles here in Ecuador.  You can never know how much we covet your prayers and appreciate your friendship. 


With Gratitude,